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Three simple steps to bring colour to your business

1. Contact us and book a FREE sample

2. Let us know all your requirements: quantity, the size of the arrangement, design and a colour scheme that best suits your space

3. If you are happy to proceed we will deliver your flowers once a month with no contract required

Why Silk Flowers?

Here is why you should choose Silk Flowers

Eco Friendly
If you love nature, you should consider our silk flowers. Silk Flowers are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to real flowers.


Allergy Free
You don’t have to worry about pollen allergies.


Water Free
Worry no more about wasting water, spills or changing dirty water.


Silk Flowers never wilt or die.


Cost Effective
Silk Flowers are value for money.



Welcome to SilkSense-Lux, home to the most stunning bespoke silk flower arrangements made for you.

If you are looking for cost effective, clean, allergy free, consistent, and most importantly a beautiful alternate to live flower arrangements for offices, homes, and other public spaces we are here to help.

Where live flowers are expensive and require a lot of time and effort to maintain consistently, silk flower arrangements provide an alternative. They are set in our unique resin which gives the illusion of water in the vase and add to the lifelike appearance of our arrangements.

Delivered to your door, the trendy, vibrant arrangements always look fresh and are a great way to brighten up any corporate environment or home.

The benefits of having floral arrangements in your office or workplace go beyond just looking great. Multiple studies have shown that flowers can increase the well-being and productivity of employees, reduce stress and lift the mood of customers and clients.

SilkSense-Lux has an impressive list of corporate and private clients and an exceptional reputation of outstanding customer service in the Flanders region of the Belgium area.

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